Converting UML-based ontology conceptualizations to OWL with Chowlk

Serge Chávez-Feria Raúl García-Castro María Poveda-Villalón
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


During the ontology conceptualization activity, developers usually generate preliminary models of the ontology in the form of diagrams. Such models drive the ontology implementation activity, where the models are encoded using an implementation language, typically by means of ontology editors.

The goal of this demo is to take advantage of the developed ontology conceptualizations in order to accelerate the ontology implementation activity.

For doing so we present Chowlk, a converter to transform digital UML-based ontology diagrams into OWL. This system aims at supporting users in the generation of the first versions of ontologies by reusing the ontology conceptualization output.

GUI of the System

Input GUI of the system

Main Features

Chowlk is a web application that takes as input an ontology conceptualization created with and generates the OWL implementation.

Visual Notation

Chowlk Visual Notation

Architecture of the system

Architecture of the system

Output of the System

Output webpage of the system

Conclusions and future work

  1. The Chowlk converter that facilitates the ontology development process by leveraging the ontology conceptualization diagrams to transform them into OWL
  2. Next steps involve the announcement and promotion of the system to get feedback from users
  3. Development of a plugin for in order to embed the ontology generation feature into the diagramming tool


This work has been supported by the BIMERR project funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 820621